KIMBYR.COM was created by Kimbyrleigha; iPhone Fashion & Accessories YouTube Content Creator. Kimbyr, an avid phone case, and grip collector has been dubbed the has introduced millions of viewers to numerous phone case companies.

Kimbyr holds bachelor's degrees in Psychology & Sociology and is a law school graduate. After years in corporate American, Kimbyr decided to start a YouTube channel and pursue her dream of entrepreneurship. Not only did she make that dream a reality, she is also passionate about helping other people achieve their business goals and live their best lives. 

Kimbyr's love and obsession for tech-accessories inspired her to create her own line of fashionable iPhone cases for her subscribers as well as other iPhone Fashion fanatics all over the world. She hopes that by owning a KIMBYR.COM case her customers will be reminded that they are sharing the success that they enabled her to achieve and that each sale continues to allow her to give back to hundreds of thousands of people. 

"Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for all your love and support. I could NOT have done this without all of you."

- Kimbyrleigha



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