Kimbyr Nails are custom made to match exclusive Kimbyr case designs.

Each bundle comes with 24 nails (in case one breaks or your nails are different sizes), a small nail file for prepping the nail, nail glue and nail adhesive. 

The nail tips must be filed down due to the manufacturing process and custom airbrushing the nails may have tiny tabs on the tips.

Filing your natural nails before applying the nail glue or adhesive will allow the nail to adhere to the natural nail more effectively because it removes the oil and creates a tacky surface to help the nail stick. 

Your natural nail beds may be a different size and you may need to slightly file them to shape to your nail. Kimbyr Nails are made according to the most popular nail bed sizes. 

Painting the nails with a clear coat will help the airbrushed design stay vibrant longer with out chipping. 

Kimbyr Nails can stay on for a week or longer depending upon your activities and the care you take to keep the nails clean.

To remove Kimbyr Nails soak them in warm water for 5-10 minutes until they begin to lift, then gently pull them off your natural nails. 

If one of your nails falls off, they can easily be glued back on and reused as long as you clean the nail before re-applying. 

 - This is the first time we have introduced custom nails to our product line up so please be patient with our designs and quality. We appreciate any kind feedback as it helps us design better products -  

Please watch the videos below for optimal application - COMING SOON


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